Suction Systems 

Configurable suction system, removable and washable system with vacuum suction drainage and aspiration in a closed system 
The series feature disposable tubes and suction tips. Form: wall mounted, regular 1L capacity, and multiple 4x 2L capacity.



The AMIVAC Suction System is a configurable and washable suction device, which drains or aspirates by vacuum suction, through a closed system, organic fluids during a surgical process or on the bedside (individual system). The absorbed liquid is collected and stored in disposable suction containers. AMIVAC may be used in different types of operations, including arthroscopy and liposuction. The surgeon may choose between using the disposable tip or trocater suction tip, as well as tracheal aspiration probe. Closed system prevents fluids from coming in contact with healthcare providers and minimizes environmental risks.

AMIVAC Individual

1L capacity, for ICU and bedside use.

AMIVAC multiple station

Each cannister/bag has 2L capacity.


The liquid automatically flows from line 1 to lines 2, 3 and 4. In the event, when the maximum level of the last container is reached, its valve automatically cuts off the flow, thus stopping suction. There is no need for operator intervention.

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