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Started in 1987, Samtronic is a modern company, originally focused on hospital infusion systems, which offers a complete range of equipment including syringe pumps, rotary and linear pumps, as well as a wide range of disposables, currently featuring over 56 different application models. 

In 2013, after years of development and improvements focused only on infusion therapy, Samtronic enhanced its net with several products such as AMIVAC suction system, ROAMA modular IV pole, SERISAM syringes, ELASTOSAM elastomeric pumps, in addition to a brand new pumps generation. 

Different multiparameters monitors, designed with the most advanced technologies emerge in 2016, manufactured by Samtronic under AMU brand.

Samtronic is in constant reinvention. 

Currently, the company sells its articles nationwide and is ranked among the leading companies in its sector.  It also achieved an international footprint, trading our products in more than 55 countries.

Research and products’ improvement are the aim to continue established among the leaders’ market around the world. 

Another motto of our philosophy is the commitment of directors and staff to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, providing professional qualification, always working together with customers in order to develop products and solutions that reach their needs, ensuring after sales services, complying with the effective law.


Samtronic stemmed from a partnership between a doctor, interested in developing infusion pumps, a retired engineer and a high-precision mechanical metallurgist. In 1987, after months developing and crafting the first prototype, the company was organized, located in a small two-story house, in the city of São Paulo. 

From 1995 on, after a deep reformulation of its products, the company sustained a rapid growth, which required increasingly larger spaces. Then, started to expand within locations close to the head office. 

Pressured by logistics restraints, managers decided to build a new headquarters in order to concentrate all activities on a single location, once again.
Socorro was the district selected, also located in the city of São Paulo. 

The building with approximately 2,100m² was completed at the end of 2003. The clean architecture, pleasant internal areas and cutting-edge communication center comprised a complex that provides wellbeing and higher performance work to employees. 

In 2006, the 3,500m² distribution center was acquired and remodeled, heading most of the logistics and storage needs. 

In 2013, new facilities in Bragança Paulista were added, improving the manufacturing and establishing Samtronic as self-sufficient in equipment’s and disposables production. With 5,000m², the first stage, totally built with own resources, is operating normally and the second stage, under fast-paced construction, will double the floor space. 

Research & Development 

Samtronic’s policy, always focused on equipment research and development, is bold and constantly strives to bring up to date products, which reach users' needs in new technologies, reinvesting revenue in R&D and highly qualified personnel.

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About us


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